Possible Defendants in Trucking Accident Cases

Accidents caused by semi-trucks (also known as commercial trucks, tractor trailers, big rigs or 18-wheelers) can result in devastating injuries to victims.  While these accidents can happen in a split-second, the facts surrounding the accident (both before and after) are often complex.  As an example, while many people would assume most trucking accidents occur on interstates or freeways, statistics tell us that almost 70% of trucking accidents occur on other roads such as state highways and city streets.  Also surprising is when the most severe accidents tend to occur.  Many would assume that the most severe accidents would occur in the evening or night hours.  However, statistics show that most trucking accident deaths occur between 6:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.  

Given the complexity, variables and laws surrounding commercial trucking accidents, it is crucial for injury victims to engage in a timely investigation to fully identify the causes of their accident and those responsible.  The attorneys at Feagans Law Group P.C. stand ready to investigate your trucking accident and identify the potential defendants who are responsible for your injuries.  In many instances, those ultimately responsible for your truck accident injuries are varied and could include the following:

– The truck driver

– The trucking company, including parent and subsidiary companies

– Cargo and loading companies

– Shipping companies

– Shipping customers

– Vehicle or parts manufacturers

– Mechanics

– Other motorists

– Roadway designers/Construction companies

While most trucking accidents are caused by truck driver negligence, neglecting to properly investigate an accident can result in the failure to pursue potentially responsible parties that can result in decreased compensation to injury victims or, worse, a defense that someone else is responsible entirely.  The attorneys at Feagans Law Group stand ready to investigate your accident and obtain the facts necessary to Guide Your Path to Justice.