The Basics of Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Statistics show that more than 4,250,000 workplace injuries occur each year that require medical attention.  The leading causes of workplace injuries are exposure to harmful substances and human error and fatigue.  The most common workplace injuries include trauma from contact with objects or equipment, overexertion and slip, trips and falls.

When an employee suffers as workplace injury, there are several factors that determine how much an employee will receive for their injuries and for how long.  The factors include:

  • The severity of the injury
  • The employee’s age
  • The employee’s vocation 
  • Whether the claim is open or closed
  • The employee’s income level prior to the injury
  • The type of benefits available to the employee

Employees suffering a workplace injury are entitled to a variety of benefits depending on the specific circumstances.  The benefits include:

  • Medical Benefits – paying for the costs of medical care caused by the accident
  • Temporary Partial Disability – wage replacement benefits for workers who can return to lighter duty work or a part-time schedule
  • Temporary Total Disability –  wage replacement benefits if you cannot work at all during your recovery from a workplace injury
  • Permanent Partial Disability – wage replacement benefits if you cannot return to work at your pre-injury level or suffer a permanent disability as a result of a workplace injury
  • Permanent Total Disability – wage replacement benefits if you cannot return to work because of your injury or you have a certain disability – the loss of a combination of any two  hands, feet, arms, eyes, or legs, you’re entitled to receive permanent total disability (PTD) compensation
  • Vocational Rehabilitation – payment for vocational training when an employee cannot return to his or her old position because of a workplace injury

Guiding Your Path to Justice

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