Our personal injury lawyers provide “concierge” service to all our clients

All attorneys learn how to identify an injury claim.  Many attorneys even have a general understanding of how to pursue compensation for an injured client.  A few attorneys are good at it.  However, very few attorneys commit to providing what Feagans Law Group calls “concierge”-level representation to injury victims. 

Concierge-level representation signifies the comprehensive service we provide to our clients, grounded in relationships.  They are the relationships Feagans Law Group utilizes to guide our clients through every aspect of an injury claim.

First and foremost is the relationship we develop with our clients.  In addition, our years of experience have garnered trusted relationships with doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, legal funding companies, medical billing professionals, insurance agents, evidence experts, health insurance companies and, yes, even liability insurance companies. 

By establishing and fostering these relationships, the personal injury lawyers at Feagans Law Group provide the resources that injury victims need to obtain proper health care, pay for medical bills, cover periods of unpaid wages, obtain insurance coverage after an accident and, ultimately, recover the proper compensation our clients deserve.  Many attorneys only look at an injury claim as a transaction. 

The personal injury lawyers at our firm believe strong relationships with our clients result in better outcomes for them

The personal injury lawyers at Feagans Law Group look at each and every client as a new relationship that will be nurtured and fostered as we guide them to justice.  If you have been injured and are looking for the heightened level of service our attorneys provide, please consider Feagans Law Group and our concierge-level representation to guide your path to justice.

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