Trucking Accidents

Motor vehicles are one of the most frequent causes of accidents in the U.S., and the most dangerous of these, quite frequently, are trucking accidents. The consequences of trucking accidents can be much more devastating because of the size of the vehicle involved. The vehicular damage is often massive and the personal injury disastrous. These types of accidents can also involve autos, motorcycles, buses, trucks and even pedestrians or bicycles.

While our remarkable state and federal highway system provides for a booming transportation industry, the number of trucks on the roads means that many accidents happen. If a trucking accident should happen to you or someone you love, count on the knowledgeable attorneys at Feagans Law Group to assist you in managing your insurance matters, corporate claims and legal actions.

Trucking accidents typically result in serious injuries and even fatalities

The Illinois Department of Transportation reports that there are about 9,200 trucking accidents per year. In 2009, 1,673 of those resulted in serious injury and another 67 resulted in death. Although these accidents only account for 3.2% of total accidents, they account for 7.5% of all fatal crashes. Our trucking accident attorneys at Feagans Law Group have vast experience representing victims in personal injury lawsuits or wrongful death claims between cars and large commercial trucks. 

If trucking companies and truck drivers fail to adhere to safety standards and an accident results, you may have grounds for a lawsuit


Trucks have to be properly maintained and companies have a responsibility to inspect their vehicles and ensure they are properly maintained. If truck parts (such as the brakes, brake lights, trailer hitches or the engine) are not in safe working condition, disastrous accidents can happen.

In addition, drivers have to obey the rules of the road and adhere to safety precautions (such as mandated rest) to prevent trucking accidents. When a driver engages in reckless or negligent behavior, they may be held accountable for damages, injuries, or death that occur as the result of an accident. 

There are risks when large trucks are on the road, but companies and drivers are aware of those risks. In fact, they will invest money to investigate an accident as soon as it occurs in order to avoid a lawsuit. Because of this, it is really important that you contact an attorney immediately if you are involved in an accident with a truck. At Feagans Law Group, we will conduct our own investigation and ensure that the appropriate party is held responsible and that you receive justice. 

Trucking Accidents Attorneys | Feagans Law Group
Trucking Accidents Attorneys | Feagans Law Group

The investigation is extremely important to determine what caused the trucking accident. Our lawyers will do whatever it takes to understand exactly what went wrong and caused the trucking accident. 

Whether it is a driver who stayed behind the wheel too long, who was distracted by a cell phone, who was under the influence, or if it was a mechanical error that wasn’t properly attended to by the company, we will hold the negligent party responsible. 

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Your path to justice begins when you contact us. We will conduct a thorough investigation and work with experts to make sure someone is held accountable and that you receive justice.