To prevent accidents, our truck accident lawyers in St Charles have tips for sharing the road

Commercial Trucking Safety Tips – Sharing the Roadway

Because truck accidents can be very dangerous and even deadly, our truck accident lawyers in St Charles understand the importance of sharing the road. With commercial trucking accidents steadily increasing over the last decade, the dangers posed by the size and weight of commercial trucks to passenger vehicles and others on roadways is also increasing.  While vehicle drivers cannot prevent commercial truckers from becoming distracted, from fatigue or from poor judgment, drivers can take steps to limit the risk of becoming an injury victim in a commercial trucking accident.  

Common hazards for commercial trucks include:

  • Large blind spots:  commercial trucks have a variety of blind spots that prevent them from seeing and appreciating traffic around them.  The most significant blind spots for a commercial truck are:
    • Immediately in front of a truck cab
    • Behind and below the driver side window
    • The entire right side of the truck
    • Immediately behind the truck’s trailer
    • Long stopping time and distance:  A fully loaded commercial truck will take about 525 feet to stop.
    • Slower reaction time:  A fully loaded commercial truck weighs about 80,000 pounds.  In comparison, the average passenger car weighs 2,800 pounds.  Traveling at 55 mph, a loaded truck will take more than 6 seconds to stop as compared to a passenger car that takes about 4 seconds to stop.    
    • Wider turns due to length:  The average commercial truck with a trailer is 72 feet long, 13 ½ feet tall and 8 ½ feet wide.  In comparison, the average length of a passenger car is 14 ½ feet.  
    • Wind impact:  Crosswinds impacting a fully loaded commercial truck can cause rocking, swaying and loss of control.  The wind impact to tractor trailers with lighter or empty loads can actually be more severe.

Tips for avoiding commercial truck hazards from the truck accident lawyers in St Charles

Motorists sharing roadways with commercial trucks can limit the risks and dangers posed by the hazards trucks can create by following safe practices, including:

  • Avoiding commercial truck blind spots
  • Allowing extra space when traveling behind or next to a commercial truck 
  • Employing extra caution when encountering commercial trucks changing lanes or turning
  • Always passing commercial trucks on the left side of the truck
  • Keeping consistent speed while driving near commercial trucks
  • Remaining alert and avoiding sudden or abrupt braking when traveling in front of commercial trucks

Guiding Your Path to Justice

However, even the most alert and cautious driver cannot always prevent accidents caused by commercial trucks.  If you or your loved ones are injured in a commercial trucking accident, please allow the truck accident lawyers in St Charles, at Feagans Law Group P.C., to Guide Your Path to Justice.